Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bride, Break, or Bust

Today there are so many new ways for Brides to save money on the Big Day.
We run an established Photography studio in the Naples, Fort Myers area for over 13 years now. We have seen many Companies come and go. We have seen many different trends in the Wedding business especially when it comes to Photography and Videography. As of this post, we have seen a trend of Brides looking to maximize their Wedding dollars in ways that show just how important it is for Professionals to respond to the market as it is today.
I am all for saving money, but I write this to all of the Brides out there who feel that they need to cut corners for the Big Day in anyway possible. I write this to share an "exercise caution" reminder when cutting costs for your services. Around 3 Hours ago, I got off the phone with a Bride that was going to book our services around 6 months ago. She decided to use another Photography solely because of the costs of the services, Theirs was lower than ours. As I always do, I told her that there were no hard feelings about her decision and if she ever needed me in the future, to please call me.
I found out today that she only saved $400 by going to this other Company. Today is Sunday, and her Wedding was Yesterday. She was in tears. She said that the "Company" that she hired showed up 1 hour late. Her Wedding had to be postponed to accommodate the Photographer. She then proceeded to tell me that the Photographer was not the person that she met with, so she had no idea of who he was. She said that he was rude and obnoxious to her and the guests. Half the way through the shooting time, she was told that his Camera was malfunctioning and he could not finish the event. She immediately had someone shoot with her point and shoot.
She called me to see if she could arrange a shoot in our Photography Studio in Estero to compensate for the Wedding Day Photography, I guess or lack there of. I told her that it would be my honor to help her out and do my best to recreate her Wedding day as best as possible.
Without any worries whatsoever, I am happy to help her, however it brings to light a grave concern for Brides out there today. In the market that we are in, there are NUMEROUS individuals out there that have begun "Photography Companies" in the past year. There are many quality Photographers, however a Bride must be VERY careful about how she chooses a Photographer.
We encourage our potential Clients to come visit us in our Photography Studio. We are a Husband/Wife team and we only take on work that we can personally perform, so we do not send out employees. We are in our 13th year of serving this area. I feel that these three things are the most important things to consider when hiring someone for your Wedding! Saving $200-300 dollars for your Big day is uselss if it creates a huge nightmare for you on the Big Day!
We tell all of our Brides, We are midpriced, so while we don't offer bargain basement pricing, we don't leave you feeling empty in the pants pockets either! Choose an open minded individual with medium ranged pricing who owns a Studio and has a wealth of knowledge through years and year of service. How can you go wrong? If you are having a Wedding in the Naples or Fort Myers area in Florida, stop by our Studio or visit us online at
Have a beautiful Wedding day! Joe