Sunday, May 17, 2009

Passionate Brides

So what comes to mind when I say, "Passionate Brides"? I am sure that most of you are thinking about the Wedding night . . . Shame! No, what I am referring to is how passionate a Bride can be about her Wedding day. We all hear about how the girl dreams of her Wedding day her whole life, We all know that this one day culminates months and sometimes years of planning, and we have all met someone who is so "passionate" about the Big Day that it is literally the one thing that we picture when we think of that Bride!

The Wedding day should be certainly the most important day of any given month right? How about any given year? Should this one day be the most important day of ones life?

Our Photography Studio in the Naples Fort Myers Florida area looks for Brides that have a passion about their Wedding day! We look for passion from a Bride that matches our passion for Photography and/or Videography! We own Studio 41 Photography and Naples Videography and Photography, and our love for our services certainly shows in our work. And when we work for a Bride that is passionate about her Wedding Day, our Photography gets taken to a whole different level! That passion from the Bride can be captured in photos and attention to detail can be shown in prints for years to come!

We love to work with Passionate Brides. So where am I going with this? Hmm, how do I say this? If you are hiring a professional, don't just look for someone who offers you good photographic services. Find a person that understands your passion about your big day and can share in the excitement of the event!

In the long run, I can assure you of one thing . . . your images that are taken that day will bleed with your passion. Those images will covet your vision! Those images will in fact last you and your Family a lifetime. And if they can remind you of the passion that you put into your big day, maybe just maybe, your passion will be reinvented each day and your Marriage will be re-newed over and over again. Each day might be a new journey for you and your Spouse!

Can we really take our job this seriously? You betcha! The images taken on your Wedding day can be a sweet reminder or a sour note. If we don't take our professional services as seriously as we do, we might end up with less sweet memories, no?

We strive to take your passion for your Wedding day, add to the mix our passion for our professional services, and together how can we miss?

You can visit our website at: If I can be of assistance to you in any way, please do not hesitate to call or email us! We book 60 Weddings per year, and as a Husband/Wife team your Big Day will always be our highest priority.

If we don't get to work with you, please, please, please, find a professional that shares in your passion!
Have a wonderful Wedding Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wedding Bride Blues - Naples Wedding Photography

So Here we go again. Today is Thursday and I got a call from a Bride. She was frantic. Her request was to find a Video and Photo Company that could provide last minute Photo and/or Video for her this weekend.

This weekend? I let her know that we were already booked for Saturday and there would be no way that as a Husband/Wife team we were willing to attempt to do 2 different Weddings on the same day. Our booked client is our number one priority!

I just had to ask though . . . Why did you wait so long to try to get a Photographer and Videographer? She said that she didn't wait, and she thought that she had a Photo and Video person doing her Wedding on Saturday, but that she got a call from him yesterday and he said that he was not going to be able to provide service for her Wedding. 3 DAYS NOTICE? In horror, I felt so bad for her right away. I let her know that I would do whatever I could to try and get her someone to help her out. After all, we are in an association of Photographers and there must be someone who has the weekend open. I did ask her how much she paid for the original Company that she booked with. She said that she booked with them for $400 for Video and $400 for Photo. Both services for around $900 and all day coverage. I had to be honest with her and let her know that in my opinion, this is most likely the exact reason that she does not have a service provider for the Weekend. "These guys that charge such small prices, just can not be trusted", she tells me. I have to agree. This sort of practice is the single most problem with this industry. The unprofessional person gets hired solely on his price and either gets to busy or double books, or gets hired for more money by someone else and drops you. It is these practices that give all professional Photographers a bad wrap. It is something that we as professionals have been fighting against for years!

So this is a big horror story, and I do not want to scare you more than you might already be, because there is a lot of quality professional out there that will not let you down like this.
We own a Professional Photography Studio in Estero, Florida. Our website is When you choose a Photographer and/or Videographer, please , please, please . . . Don't book just for the good price. 1) Visit with them, 2) Make sure that they have a place of business! 3) make sure you like their work, 4) Talk with your venue and have them call the Photographer to talk with them, they can give you the best advice on whether they feel comfortable working with them and MOST IMPORTANTLY 5) Make sure that they have been in business for at least 2 years. If not, they are either a novice, who doesn't have the proper knowledge of Wedding Photography or they are part timers, who have an allegiance to another "Boss". Either way, this is not a positive thing when hiring a professional for your Wedding day.

Do yourself a favor and pay a little extra money to find a Photography with more than 3-5 years experience, a place of business and great Photo skills. It wont cost you thousands of dollars more! Our services are not too far away from these "cheap" guys, but the extra money keeps our Studio Open and gives us a face in the Community that pushes us to give the very best service possible. After all, word of mouth is king, why would we want to disappoint anyone!! It would be so bad for our business, and it is for this reason that we always strive for the very best and professional services! It is for this reason that we are worth every last cent that our services cost, and you will feel the same way after we work for you!

Our Studio is in Estero, and you can visit us online at or you can call our Studio line at 239-948-0410 for any advice, If I can be of assistance to you in any way, please do not hesitate to call or email us. We are here to help and assist you as a Bride!
have a great day and Good Luck with your Wedding Plans! Even if you are not booked with us, if we can offer you advice on our line of services, we will be happy to do so. After 13 years of Providing Wedding Photography and Videography, we know a thing or two about this industry.

Have a great day and a great Wedding Day! :-)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wedding Photography not for beginners

To all of those Brides out there who are thinking about trying to cut a few corners for the Big Wedding Day, I say Stop And Listen!

Listen to Who? You ask? Well in a word . . . Me. The next paragraph might be the single most important piece of advice that you can get for your Wedding. While you are planning you are undoubtedly dealing with staying inside of the dreaded "Budget". Budgets are a good place to start, but as a bride you should exercise caution on how to layout the budget dollars. Remember that you should not spread out the funds by a set amount throughout different services for your Wedding Day. Some will undoubtedly be much higher in price than others. By nature, you Big Day Budget should be somewhat broken down in this way. 30% of your budget should be in place for the Reception and Dinner, 20% should be for a Photographer/Videographer, 10% for the dress, 10% for the cake and decorations, 10% for the Ceremony and 20% for invitations, DJ and other misc. essentials. This is obviously not a full proof plan of attack, but is a great starting point to tweak later with additional items on the list.

So how do you save money? I can only talk about the Photography part of the budget. We own Naples Videography and Photography,, so we see Brides come up with all sort of ways to fight the "budget". The one way to cut cost is to have a friend provide your Photography and or Videography for your Big Day. So why is this a bad thing? Well it is not necessarily a bad thing, I think it is a down right AWESOME thing! PROVIDING . . . your friend is a professional! We are in year 13 of providing Wedding Photography and Videography services and let me tell you, we learn something new on every job. We continually grow our business by learning new techniques. Not sure when one can consider themselves a "Master", but from my viewpoint, if you are always open to new ideas, you will forever be learning!

So what is my Point? Your Friend, if they are aware of the complexities of a Wedding Shoot might be able to pull off your Wedding Photography. However if they are new to this trade or if they are a novice, it is highly unlikely that by just having a camera, they will be able to acquire the sort of shots that you will want and consider to be desirable Photography. It not only takes a clear vision of Photography, but also the ability to foresee events unfolding and react to the constant changing nature of Wedding Photography to pull it off.

So before your decide to save money on a professional Photographer, give it some real thought. This day happens only once . . . You are preparing for it for a year . . . Overall it is an large investment . . . and what I will have to remember it by will be the Video and Photo. Hmm . . . in my opinion, it might be a no brainer, Hire a professional that is within your budget and get the best photos that will forever remind you of your wonderful day. and here is a secret, hire a Company that does both Video and Photo, the discounts are normally much greater if you do two services with one Company!

I will bet that it might even add a few years to your life! Well not really, but a nice thought non the less!

Have a beautiful Wedding Day, and if you are planning on a Wedding in the Naples Florida or Fort Myers Florida Area, stop by and say "Hi" to us. We are Naples Videography and Photography and you can visit our website at: --- Joe