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After the Proposal - Now what?


You have the perfect partner who proposed in the perfect way, and now the perfect day awaits. Whether you’re planning a small, intimate affair or the wedding of the century, careful planning is crucial to success. To avoid the hassles of wedding planning, some opt to hire a professional; however, if you plan to do it yourself, the stress and anxiety can be eradicated with careful preparation, plenty of time and attention to detail.

Don’t Procrastinate on Planning
The first step in wedding planning is to hit the ground running – don’t wait until just a few months before your wedding day to start planning. After announcing your engagement to family and friends, start putting the wheels in motion. Buy a calendar that will be used solely for wedding planning, and note milestones and goals that you want to have reached by certain dates.

Teamwork Works Best
Communicate with your future spouse and plan together. Set aside a night or two each week to focus on wedding planning. Both of you should discuss your ideal wedding and what it would look like. There are so many tiny details that go into wedding planning, so it’s best to have “two heads” instead of one. Don’t forget to compromise on ideas, but keep the overall theme cohesive. Also remember to share the duties of wedding planning so neither one of you gets too overwhelmed.

Keep In Touch
Depending on the size, your wedding may or may not require you to contract with several different vendors – florists, caterers, musicians, photographer and more – and you’ll need to stay in constant contact with them over the course of your wedding planning. Keep a list of your vendors’ contact information handy so you can quickly get in touch with them if last-minute changes arise. You’ll also be interviewing vendors before you settle on a match, so be sure to make a list of pros and cons for each when you meet with them.

Stay Positive
The end goal is perhaps most the important thing to remember over the course of wedding planning. This is a joyous and momentous occasion that you and your partner are working towards, so don’t let the stress overwhelm you! If you need to take a week or two off from wedding planning, do so and return with a fresh mind and a renewed spirit.

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The Dress . . . The start of your Wedding Dream come true

Choosing a Wedding Dress is such a fun time! Enjoy the process . . . Pay attention to these three important steps to reduce your stress and have a good time. You have an opportunity to try on some of the most beautiful dresses that you will ever wear, so grab a couple of your best friends and enjoy it!
Dress for the right Temperatures
You can’t look your best when you’re uncomfortable. That’s why you have to think about seasons and temperatures of when you get Married. Slinky straps in the middle of winter will leave you out in the cold. Sure, it probably won’t show up in the photos, but you’ll still waste a lot of time wishing you could wear your coat at the altar when you should be enjoying your special day.
It’s often difficult to think about seasonality since you buy your dress months ahead of time. It can seem weird buying a light cotton dress in February. Come summer, though, you’ll thank the breezy material for helping you stay cool and helping your makeup stay in place instead of disappearing under a torrent of sweat.

In Naples or Fort Myers Florida, we are often a bit hotter than the rest of the Country. Make sure to look up what the average temperature is for the time for year that you are having your Wedding at . . . Take into account if you are having the Ceremony outdoors or inside. Now is a good time to check these things out . . .

Know Your Dress Styles
 Know the basics of dress styles before you go shopping. That way, you can communicate better with your bridal consultant. You should also think about what style goes best with your body type. If you have one of these body types, then consider sticking to dress style that will emphasize your assets while hiding the parts that you’re not so proud of.
  • Hourglass: Women with curves in all the right places can show off their bodies with an A-line dress. Trumpet and mermaid silhouettes can also work well for them.
  • Short Waist: Women with small waists but otherwise well-proportioned bodies should consider dresses with a Princess-line silhouette that will elongate their figures.
  • Full Figure: Women who have big curves and a bit of a tummy should look at ball gown dresses that will show off the parts they like most. A-line dresses also work well for full figured ladies.
Ask for current styles and trends from your Bridal Source . . . Locally we love to send our Clients to:

Find a Dress that you Love
 Overall, it’s most important that you choose a dress you love. Check out the latest trends (the bridal shop will certainly have a ton to show you) and decide whether any of them appeal to you. If not, you can always go classic. Remember, it’s your party. You get to wear the dress that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.

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